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From ‘corporate chick’ to ‘flexible working mum’ who also loves camping and red dirt. Amy from Amy Annetts Marketing in Eltham hung up her lanyard a few years ago and decided to make some changes to her working life. She went out on her own, learnt some extra tools and started her very own business, flexibly working from home around her family commitments. 

Read on to learn more about this super talented Marketing Strategist… 

About Amy

As a young marketing graduate, Amy moved from country Queensland to the big smoke of Melbourne. She spent 15 years managing advertising campaigns. Including complex IT products and strategic planning forums for Australia’s biggest telco. When she’s not working with small businesses and local organisations (or being in a COVID-19 lockdown), she loves to escape to find red dirt and 4WD camping adventures around Australia.

Amy’s business, Amy Annetts Marketing

Amy helps small business owners clarify where they’re headed. With marketing roadmaps that are created just for them, showing all the twists and turns and how to get it done. With solid marketing principles from Amy’s traditional marketing background, she has the advantage of supercharging the latest digital tools.

Inspiration to start your business

When Amy had her kids she hit a fork in the road. She could either stay and do the family/work juggle in a work culture of 40+ hours a week, or focus on her family. She chose the latter, and set out to design a career around her role as mum and wife. In other words, be the head of everything and everyone at her home, while still doing something she enjoys.

Branding the business

Amy doesn’t just talk the talk, she ‘walks the walk’. If you check out her website and social media pages, you’ll see that her branding speaks ‘personality’. Another Eltham local, who happens to be a brand strategist and friend of Amys, pulled her aside one day and asked if she’d be open to feedback. Nervously, she said yes. Amy’s branding at that time was very clean and simple, and lacked personality. It was very “same-same”. Lisa Burns of Intent Creative opened a world of possibilities by showing Amy how to inject “Amy” into her brand. Visually, and with a tone of voice that without a doubt, is Amy. Amy Annetts Marketing brand is equal parts “Marketing Strategist” and “Red Dirt Enthusiast”. Now, she helps other businesses do the same for theirs.

Challenges and Rewards

When Amy decided not to return from maternity leave after her second child, she left behind her life as a ‘corporate chick’. She walked out of the big glass doors without a lanyard around her neck, and hung her suit up when she got home.

Amy says it felt strange. The road she’d been on for so long had ended. And now it was just her.

Then she had the idea to become a Freelance Marketing Consultant. Working with small businesses to improve the way they market themselves.

It was a slow start. Until Amy’s kids went to school, they were her focus. She couldn’t manage both.

Since then, Amy has worked some amazing businesses and local organisations. Including the Pat Cronin Foundation, Nillumbik Arts and Culture and her local café Pierross.

Progress of the business, Amy Annetts Marketing

Coming from a career in traditional marketing, Amy realised early on that a crucial piece to her clients’ success was having an online presence that matched who they were, offline. So she learned the new ways of digital marketing. She got busy and added website marketing to her portfolio of skills. As well as a bunch of digital tools that tripled the revenue growth for her first major client as a freelancer. Since then, she’s built her business on the back of referrals and website leads. Amy now focuses on designing practical, affordable and do-able marketing solutions. Especially for overwhelmed businesses who don’t know where to start, or don’t have the resources.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing…

In hindsight, Amy would spend more time upfront on defining her brand. When you have a strong brand, ‘showing up’ is a whole lot easier.

Supporting Amy Annetts Marketing

If you or someone you know needs some extra support with marketing a business, especially creating a roadmap of where you’re headed, reach out to Amy. Go to Amy Annetts Marketing website and you’ll find some free resources that businesses can download. Including a business brand checklist that shows you how to apply 7 of the best marketing ideas to boost your brand to legend status.

Follow Amy Annetts Marketing social media pages and you’ll find some thought-provoking questions posted regularly. 

Did you know…

On Amy’s most recent outback trip, and after many months of COVID-19 lockdowns in Melbourne, she made sure there were loads of photos taken of her amongst the red dirt backdrop. Pretty quickly, the family became unimpressed with her mild obsession for happy snaps to use in her content marketing. Random stops to sit in the middle of ‘the perfect red dirt road’ replaced what would normally be a collection of ‘family photos’. In her defence, not knowing when the next opportunity would be, she made sure she had enough images to last her a while. Sorry, not sorry!

Thank you Amy, we loved getting to know more about you and learning about Amy Annetts Marketing.

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Thank you for reading, we hope you loved learning more about this talented local business.

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