Wet weather activities to keep the kids busy!

by NillumbikConnections

Are you like our family and secretly love the cold and wet weather because it’s a great excuse to relax inside or get busy at home?

Here is our suggested list of things you can do with your little ones in the wet weather:

  • Get busy cooking and baking – kids love to make soups, pies, sausage rolls, cookies, cakes, muffins, bliss balls and slices. They love to get their hands dirty and really love being involved in the whole process. You can even decorate some cookies or gingerbread men together which is fun.
  • Make some play-do together, divide it up and make different colours, create some fun designs and pop it in the pretend oven to bake!
  • Play cards or a board game – Monopoly, Game of Life and Cluedo are our go to’s for board games. And then we love Monopoly Deal, UNO, Rat-A-Tat Cat, Sleeping Queens and of course Fish.
  • Build a cubby house out of blankets, chairs, tables and pillows – you may end up in a pillow fight, but that’s fun too!
  • Paint your nails, do a facial and have a warm bath with some lovely home made bath bombs. The kids may even offer to give you a massage if you’re lucky!
  • Get your ‘Art’ on with some paints, canvas or cardboard and get painting. If you don’t like to get the paints out at home (inside), then maybe some mindful colouring together.
  • Play dress-ups and put on a theatre production for the parents. Our kids love this! It takes them all afternoon to prepare the BIG event.
  • Have an inside picnic with the treats you’ve baked and don’t forget to invite all the teddies along too.
  • Make up an indoor treasure hunt, it’s so much fun. Make sure the kids bring all the clues back to you each time they find one (to prolong the event!) and they need to take it in turns to find the clues, to be fair with the little ones.
  • Find some cardboard boxes and materials to build some houses for those little dolls and teddies – all ages of kids love this. The older kids can perhaps build a community with school, roads, gardens etc.
  • Tidy up the toy room! This is actually lots of fun once the initial sighs are over, as soon as you start pulling things out to tidy up, the kids find their toys that have been hiding under the mess for a long time and are thrilled to be re-united
  • Watch a great movie with some popcorn tucked under a blanket, or for something more educational, watch some David Attenborough which is amazing for kids.
  • Write a letter to your friends, grandparents, cousins or even someone famous with a beautiful picture – they’ll love to receive this in the mail.
  • Create a Collage – perhaps ‘all things about me’ or a topic of their choice. Browse magazines, cut out some images and letters and have fun creating something very imaginative.
  • Set up a shop with items, could be a food shop with the little shop items you collected from Coles recently, or it could be a bag or hat shop. Make up price tags and have fun being the customer and shop keeper.
  • Have some Balloon fun, keep them off the ground and take it in turns hitting them back up into the air, see how many times you can hit them up. Start with one balloon and then add more into the game as you go. This is not only fun, but a great work out.
  • Drawing – we like to use whiteboards a lot, we can play games on them such a ‘Snowman’ and draw portraits of each other.
  • Cosy up on the couch and grab a great book to read together.
  • Have a Lego competition and see what you can build, castles, boats, planes or houses.
  • And lastly, have a well-deserved afternoon ‘Nanna nap’!

We hope you enjoyed reading our wet weather suggested activities. Feel free to leave a comment below and be sure to check out our other articles. If you would like to write for us on a topic of your choice or your business, contact us here and we can chat.

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