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When you think your career is heading down one path and then you do a 180 and turn it into something completely different – this is what happened with Honi Holmes from ‘Whole Natural Health’. She commenced her studies in Photography but then realised her passion was in health! 

Read all about Honi’s journey with her business ‘Whole Natural Health’, how she started, how the business has evolved over time and how you can get holistic health support.

About Honi

Out of high school Honi studied Photography which went nowhere as a career but she still has a great love of art! In fact, photography has helped her build her Instagram account with the images she posts there! She worked in Media Sales, first in newspapers, then radio before having her two gorgeous children. Honi then got into Natural Health and loved every second of it, she’d found her passion!

Honi’s business – Whole Natural Health

Whole Natural Health offers an opportunity for people to improve their health. Whether that be through the many blends of herbal teas that Honi creates (which can gently support the body in many ways), through to the simple and healthy recipes found on Whole Natural Health’s website. Personalised Naturopathy Consultations are also available with Honi to support health conditions.

Honi consults many patients who have skin conditions such as acne and female health conditions which can range from painful cycles to peri-menopause and digestive/gut health conditions. Treatment is also available for anxiety/stress, fatigue, sleep conditions, children’s health, men’s health plus so much more.

Whole Natural Health is about supporting and improving people’s lives by helping them to feel better. Health conditions can really impact someone’s day to day life and being able to improve their health makes a major difference to their lifestyle.

Coming up with the name

‘Whole’ because in Naturopathy you look at a person’s entire health history and their whole body rather than individual parts. ‘Natural’ because Naturopathy uses natural ways to support the body such as through diet or herbal medicine. And then…’Health’, because that is what it’s all about!

Things have evolved in business for Honi, whilst she was studying she started an Instagram account called ‘Two Clean Kids’ where she’d post photos and recipes of the food she gave her two girls. The account ended up being less about children’s food and more about healthy and simple recipes so Honi changed the name to ‘Whole Natural health.’ Whole Natural Health then became the business name for Honi’s herbal tea range and also her naturopathy practice. Honi still has her Instagram account where she posts all kinds of delicious, healthy recipes and health information as well as on her Whole Natural Health website.


The challenges and the rewards!

Any business has its challenges and starting out as a Health Practitioner definitely had its trials, such as attracting patients and marketing the business to get the name out there. Working out what works and what doesn’t is a challenge in itself but also a great learning opportunity.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing but when we asked Honi about any changes she would make to her journey, she said ‘Making mistakes means greater learning so I don’t think I’d change anything’.

Let’s support Whole Natural Health!

Whole Natural Health is open for Naturopathy Consultations at Eltham Health + Wellness on Main Road, Eltham, on Thursdays 9am-8pm and Fridays 10am-2pm. Bookings are via the website www.wholenaturalhealth.com.au. On the website you can also purchase Honi’s Organic Herbal Tea range. There is also a great collection of amazing, healthy and simple recipes, many of which cater to dietary requirements such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, nut free, egg free, dairy free.

If you or someone you know has any health concerns or you would like to a health check, contact Whole Natural Health to make a consultation appointment.

Thank you Honi, we loved getting to know you and learning about your business!

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Thank you for reading, we hope you loved learning more about this beautiful local business.

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