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We are so excited to share this local story with our community, especially parents needing more routine and sleep! Who doesn’t, right?

Health Care workers will also love reading about Georgina Windebank and her business The Holistic Sleep Project.

Georgina’s approach to baby and toddler sleep is an incredible, personalised and customised experience. She has an abundance of personal and professional capability which has made her very empathic to mothers who are sleep deprived. She works gradually and intuitively, alongside her professional scientific methods to create what we all dream about (pardon the pun!) –  incredible little independent sleepers!

About Georgina

Georgina has a Health Science Degree (Naturopathy) as well as a Double Degree in Communications (Public Relations/Marketing). Prior to starting The Holistic Sleep Project, she was working as a Sales Account Manager on the road presenting a superior Naturopathic Supplement range to Integrative GP’s, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Naturopaths. Although she adored the job, like many others working a demanding job, she was exhausted and stressed! Following, the birth of her son she decided to take the leap into the ‘baby sleep world’ and put her knowledge and experience from her education, into earning an income for this knowledge! This is when The Holistic Sleep Project was created!

The Holistic Sleep Project  

Georgina specialises in working with beautiful babies from birth to 3 years old. She offers a variety of 1-on-1 packages including a 2-week Personalised Sleep Package, Hour of Power and 30 min Phone Consultations.  She also has an incredible online Membership available – ‘The Sleep Collective’,  which provides a beautiful community of mothers who want ongoing support for EVERY sleep challenge that comes their way! She offers free downloads and heaps of other info on The Holistic Sleep Project website and via Instagram.

The Holistic Sleep Project was born from Georgina’s love and desire to support families in their early years of parenthood. It became apparent that this service was necessary through her own personal experience. Georgina herself is a terrible sleeper – she sleeps lightly and is regularly sleep deprived! Sadly, she and her husband have lost both of their parents, so they didn’t have that family support when their own baby came along. With Georgina’s husband running his own business, she needed to have a sleep system that was set up to support her. Laying sleep foundations for their son meant she could have a nap when he did, in order to make it through the day. What she created was a reliable system for children from a very young age by taking a proactive approach to implementing a system!

Having a system creates a productive family who are calmer, happier and more connected with their children. Sleep isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity and The Holistic Sleep Project loves to help families achieve this!

As a Qualified Naturopath it was really important for the branding to illustrate the ‘holistic’ side of Georgina’s sleep approach. This comes through in her work strongly from the values of being a Naturopath. There is no quick fix with sleep or in Naturopathy as a modality. Both modalities in Georgina’s opinion are gradual, individual and customised, based on the client. Using the word ‘project’ signifies that sleep is an ongoing and ever-changing process. Babies don’t just ‘know’ how to sleep and that’s it! It is forever changing and developing, hence the challenge for parents.

The Holistic Sleep Project Timeline

Sept 2019 – the business was launched after Georgina completed the Sleep Qualification and commenced 1:1 Consultations and focused on Social Media growth.

2020 – was focus on building the brand and only supporting a small number of clients throughout that year (with a toddler at her feet) during 8 months of Melbourne lockdown!

2021 – saw business explosion as The Holistic Sleep Project reputation grew. Georgina has been interviewed on several podcasts. She has also diversified the products available with many more options including free downloads, to high level support packages and she launched the ‘The Sleep Collective’ Memberships!

Sometimes there are challenges too!

Working in a highly emotive and very personal profession has its challenges and is occasionally difficult to navigate, especially when it’s also alongside sleep-deprived families! The skills that Georgina had accumulated over years working in sales, coupled with general life experience have been invaluable, as this career requires working with so many different personalities and cultures. On occasion, parents also have their own external challenges during their sleep deprivation.

Building a business around your own family life can be a challenge too, but Georgina’s son will always be her first priority. In the early days, it was harder to say ‘no’, but she’s learned to manage things better and can manage her family and business in a more balanced manner.

But also rewarding!

Rewarding moments and the biggest driver for The Holistic Sleep Project, these are the moments such as the first time a baby sleeps through the night! The reviews clients provide as they experience how far their baby’s sleep/feeding/mood (and their own) have come in that time are so rewarding. As the approach is unique and incredibly holistic, Georgina feels much love and satisfaction by sharing her knowledge to wider audiences such as appearing on Podcasts.

Something we didn’t know..

Georgina has always been a ‘crazy sleep lady’! She’s been overseas three times with their son before he was 2.5 years old! They’ve done plenty of caravanning and different stays and in all of these situations (from planes, caravans, taxi’s), and because of the work she did in the early days, their son is a dynamite sleeper. Georgina thinks she was a little crazy in the early days as she was so fanatical about her son’s ‘sleep’. When they holidayed, she would pack a whole suitcase full of things to ensure his sleep environment was 100% the same as at home – portacot, blankets, comforters, white noise machine, a thermometer, pram, 3 different types of singlets for all the different temperatures, and the list goes on and on!

Supporting The Holistic Sleep Project

If there is a business that is aligned with The Holistic Sleep Project values, or in the same industry as Mothers/babies/health and would like to collaborate, please reach out to her. Georgina would love to be a guest speaker, both in personal or on Instagram so she can spread the message of her work. And of course, please share The Holistic Sleep Project with someone who could benefit from these services.

Thank you Georgina, we loved learning about you and your business!

Read more from our Articles here.  And if you’d like to write for us or work together on an article as Georgina and I have done, contact us to chat.

Thank you for reading, we hope you loved learning more about this beautiful local business.

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