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This year has been tough on everyone, not only have people had to shut down their businesses or they’ve lost their jobs, but sadly children have missed out on sport! Such a big and important part of their physical and social development.

Ready Steady Go Kids (RSGK) is an amazing organisation that gets kids moving and involved in a variety of sports – unfortunately they could not operate during Covid. We spoke with Hayley who purchased her first (RSGK) franchise in 2015 and her second in 2016.

Let’s learn more about Hayley’s journey and why this program is so popular!

About Hayley

Hayley lives locally with her husband and two high school children, Cooper 14 and Ava 13. She first became involved in Ready Steady Go Kids when her children were in pre-school. They attended weekly classes at Lower Plenty 10 years ago. She loved the program so much that when Ava started school she become a coach. In 2015 Hayley bought the Greensborough Franchise of RSGK and in 2016 she bought the South Morang Franchise.

Ready Steady Go Kids

Ready Steady Go Kids offers children aged between 18 months – 6 years old the opportunity to try 10 different sports in a non-competitive environment. The program has been designed by an Occupational Therapist and a Physiotherapist and incorporates so much more than just sport. There is a big focus on gross motor skills and a lot of school readiness skills (colours, numbers, listening, taking turns etc.) as well.

It’s different from other pre-school programs because children have the chance to learn the basics of ten sports, not just one. There is a focus on each sport for two weeks and then they move on to the next sport (five sports per term). This gives the children a taste of a big variety of sports that they may like to go on to play when they get to school. The classes are run indoors and every class has two coaches to help the children.

The Inspiration to buy this franchise

When the opportunity came up to buy a RSGK Franchise, Hayley jumped at the chance. Not only does she love seeing the children develop from week to week but the business gives her the family flexibility that she needs. Hayley gets to meet and work with fabulous families and coaches every day as well as being there for her own family.

Management of such a large organisation – Ready Steady Go Kids

Hayley feels very lucky to have the ongoing support of a franchise network. They share ideas and work with each other. RSGK is now Australia’s largest multi-sport program for children aged 18month – 6 years and is growing at a fast rate. Over the last couple of years Hayley has stepped off court and now only coaches occasionally. She manages a group of fabulous young fit coaches who love coming to work each day.

The impacts of Covid-19

The biggest challenge about being a business owner has definitely been over the last 18 months when Covid-19 has resulted in the business being shut for a long time. Not only is it a challenge for Hayley but it has also meant that the coaches have not been able to work and sadly, the children have missed out on so much.

There are so many rewarding moments working at RSGK. Watching children develop each week is absolutely Hayley’s favourite part of the job. Seeing the excitement on their faces when they kick a goal, shoot a hoop or jump over a hurdle for the first time is what makes her want to come to work each day.

The Business

Since Hayley started coaching in 2015 the program has evolved a lot. They’ve introduced a progressive program which means that as the children move through the program (and age group) they learn new age appropriate skills. They also introduced a Get Ready Program in 2017 which allows the youngest children (18months – 2.5 years) the opportunity to start learning sports in a non-structured half-hour class. The Get Ready program now has classes running every week day and is hugely popular.

Fun fact!

Ready Steady Go Kids was founded in South Australia 2004 and is now in 16 countries around the world!

Joining Ready Steady Go Kids

Classes are run 7 days a week in the local area during school terms. Located at Eltham Leisure Centre every week day, at Lower Plenty on a Saturday and in South Morang on a Saturday and Sunday. Greensborough is also opening back up in 2022 at the newly renovated Diamond Valley Sports and Fitness Centre. New members are encouraged to book a free trial and come to join in the fun.

What are you waiting for? Visit the website and book a FREE TRIAL!

Thank you Hayley, we loved getting to know you and learning about your business!

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Thank you for reading, we hope you loved learning more about this beautiful local business.

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