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Sarah and Harry from Easthill Estate share their story with us. 

If you ever wanted inspiration to make a change in your career, this couple will inspire you! Sarah and Harry came from two completely different careers and had no background in wine (except enjoying drinking it!). This powerhouse couple learnt everything they needed to know about growing grapes and making wine!

About Sarah and Harry

Sarah has over 20 years experience in the fast-paced, retail life within the coveted world of fashion. And is hands down, a self-confessed ‘Shoe Queen’! In a polar contrasted world, Harry has had an extensive career as a leading edge funds management executive. He has moved from a fast-paced investment arena to growing grapevines. Together this unstoppable pair have fused branding and marketing with analytical spread sheets and working margins. They now create the perfect Easthill Estate template.

How it all began

Over a fine glass of lovely local wine on a ‘first-date’ in the nearby Yarra Valley, they toasted, ”the best wines are the ones we drink together”. Little did they know in that moment, that later on, an opportunity would present itself. That they would both sell their local properties and buy Easthill Estate, Kangaroo Ground. Sarah and Harry started to make a blended dream become their reality. Dreams, we all have them, but most allow them to stay just that, dreams. But Sarah and Harry went BIG and thought ‘let’s do this’!

The business, Easthill Estate

This blows my mind, but every aspect of the Easthill Estate vineyard, (from farming to winemaking), is done by hand!

Each intricate detail is performed with a loving commitment to the bespoke wine they produce. It makes for complete control of everything from the beginning, right to the end when you hold that glass of wine in your hand. The small size of their niche operation allows for this ‘hands-on passion’ to translate into all the wines they produce.

Sarah and Harry are still rocking their “L” plates as they have had the property for just under a year. Evolvement has occurred across all aspects. Vineyard improvements. Transforming their cellar from a wine tasting bar to weekend local community ‘chill-out’ sessions of connectedness. Studying horticulture/viticulture. Labelling. Branding. New wine vintages. Working with their winemaker. Website creation. Involvement in local markets/events/sponsorships. Connecting with like-minded local businesses.

The process

There was so much LEARNING to do! From soil to weather conditions, pruning to harvesting, picking to pressing, barrelling to bottling. It is one thing to LOVE wine and another to MAKING wine. It is a tremendous whirlwind of fresh learnings.

Even though there was so much to learn, they wouldn’t do anything different!

Did you know…

Sarah and Harry are a modern day blended Brady Bunch family. All with diverse talents, accomplishments, attitudes and passions. Together they embrace their craziness in dreaming BIG. Their wine is made to be shared. Shared in good times and bad, shared with smiles, laughs and sometimes tears. Sarah and Harry invite their extended community to share in this DREAM and become a part of it with them.

Something special about Easthill Estate

Fine wine starts with a deep respect to the vineyard, and this is the magical craft of Easthill Estate wines. While winemaking is both an art and a science, a vital ingredient to the fruit’s success is rooted in the past. Approximately 20 million years ago, a nearby volcano erupted. The massive lava eruptions from the volcano situated near Lilydale flowed westward through Kangaroo Ground, covering selected areas with layers of basalt. Wines grown in this nutrient-rich, basalt-based, black soil are described as having distinctly edgy profiles.  Everything from “bright cherry” and “red fruit” to “minerality” and “dusty earthiness.” This is a very unique element of Easthill Estate boutique winery, with all of the grapevines planted in this incredible soil. The flavours of the wines (produced purely from the fruit of property) are very distinctive.

Last words

“Let there be wine” xx

Supporting Easthill Estate

The cellar door is open every second Sunday. Some Saturdays. Sometimes consecutive weekends, depending on weather, local events and private functions. It is a relaxed setting where great wine, great laughter, with great locals is encouraged. The openings have morphed organically into an amazing buzz of connectedness. It really is something to experience. Subscribe to their website for dates. Follow Easthill Estate on Social Media to see their opening dates, live music schedules and other happenings. 

If you have experienced Easthill Estate’s hospitality and enjoyed their amazing wine, leave them a review and tell your friends about this beautiful boutique winery.

Thank you Sarah and Harry, we loved getting to know you and learning about Easthill Estate. Click here to make direct contact with Easthill Estate. 

Read more from our Articles here. And if you’d like to write for us or work together on an article as Sarah, Harry and I have done, contact us to chat.

Thank you for reading, we hope you loved learning more about this beautiful local business.

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