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Do you know much about hypnobirthing? If you’re not a parent, you may not, even if you are, you still may not! We learned alot from Sarah at ‘Bossing Birth‘ about this topic and her hypnobirthing courses. Sarah explains it as “a complete antenatal education that includes tools and techniques which can be used in pregnancy, birth and beyond!”

Let’s learn more about Sarah, her journey into her own business and the wonderful world of hypnobirthing.

About Sarah

Sarah is an expat from Northern Ireland. She made the move to Melbourne from London in 2018 with her husband’s job. She’s a mum to two beautiful babies, Lyra aged 5 and Zephyr 18mths. As well as being a hypnobirthing teacher, she’s also a Registered Nurse, graduating in 2007 (Bachelor of Nursing). She studied midwifery in 2010 for one year. Although it was an experience she’ll never forget, she decided to follow her heart and move into fertility nursing. It was so rewarding and a privilege to support clients during such a profound journey.

How it all began

Bossing Birth began after the birth of Sarah’s daughter. During pregnancy she had an overwhelming fear of induction. She knew that this was something she wanted and needed to work through. She also wanted her husband to be an amazing birth partner, so booked a hypnobirthing course. Sarah first encountered hypnobirthing as a student midwife and saw the difference it made. Although she wondered if she’d find it unrealistic, within an hour of her first class, she was hooked.

Then at 38 weeks pregnant, Sarah was thrown a curveball. Which is sometimes the way with birth, and actually ended up choosing induction. Although it wasn’t straightforward, it ended up being a hugely empowering and positive experience. Sarah wholeheartedly put that down to the hypnobirthing preparation and knew she had to share what she’d learnt with other expectant parents. Sarah completed her Diploma of Hypnobirthing with Katharine Graves in 2017 and it all rolled on from there.

Sarah feels passionate about good quality, realistic birth education. And women educating themselves so that they can approach birth feeling confident. It’s lovely to see the transformation in mums and birth partners from when they first start a course feeling uncertain, to when they finish feeling excited and looking forward to meeting their baby.

The business, Bossing Birth

Hypnobirthing is popular in London where Sarah lived and trained. So it was quite difficult to find a business name that was unique. Sarah thought about how hypnobirthing helps you to stay in control of your journey and meeting your baby. After playing around with words, Sarah loved the sound of ‘Bossing Birth’. A beautiful friend, who also happens to be super creative, designed her logo.

When Sarah started her business, she was teaching under a specific brand. But decided to take further training in 2019 and became autonomous and made her courses more practical and personalised. She’s currently making plans to offer additional services for new parents in the future.

Pre covid the majority of courses were held in person but Sarah has moved things online. The content of courses remains the same, Sarah is still able to maintain an intimate learning environment. The feedback has been positive. She’s so happy that clients have still felt the connection and support.

Bossing Birth provides:

Private 1-1 hypnobirthing courses that are practical, modern and relatable, including:
– Full hypnobirthing course which includes everything needed to prepare for birth
– Refresher course for those who’ve previously used hypnobirthing
– Intensive course for those who are very close to meeting their baby
– Calm Caesarean Course which includes everything needed to prepare for an abdominal birth

Challenges and Rewards

Sarah’s biggest challenge has been moving her business overseas. She initially took some time out to focus on her family and settling into her new life on the other side of the world, before getting to grips with a new maternity system and making new connections.

It’s very special to be asked to support clients during such a huge life event. It’s so rewarding when they go on to have an incredible and empowering birthing experience.

Supporting Bossing Birth

Due to the nature of the work Sarah relies on ‘the best form of advertising’ – ‘word of mouth’. Also recommendations from previous clients.

As a community we can share Bossing Birth’s (website and Instagram) with pregnant friends/family.

Bossing Birth offers a free 15-minute clarity call for anyone who has interest in a course, where you can connect with Sarah. You can ask questions and get a feel about whether there is a connection.

Something you didn’t know…

Sarah met her husband on Tinder! On their first dinner date they realised it was love at first bite(!) when they discovered they both ate a burger with a knife and fork (are they the only ones?!)

Thank you Sarah, we loved getting to know more about you and Bossing Birth.

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Thank you for reading, we hope you loved learning more about this amazing local business.

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