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You may be wondering ‘what is Barrierboard?’ as I once did, but after researching and understanding what their product is and how it works, it made total sense!

Did you know you can actually reduce noise by up to 90% coming from one room into the next room by having this product installed by accredited installers (or you can DIY). Parents – you can now go out and buy those drums for Christmas!!

Tell us about you, your background, previous work and experience.

Hi, my name is Alex and I have been in construction for over 35 years. My career has had a varied path in leadership positions in both commercial and domestic building. I began my commercial carpentry business ‘Milcon Aust’ in 2009, while also completing a double Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Building.

In 2014 I stumbled across a product ‘Barrierboard’, while building a music studio for a local friend. He had done his research and insisted I use this acoustic product for his studio. I was so impressed with this product, a strong relationship formed with the Acoustic Engineer who invented Barrierboard. He expanded my knowledge on acoustics and I then became the accredited installer.

In 2020 the opportunity arose to acquire Barrierboard Aust, to which I am most grateful. I stuck with the simple branding of Barrierboard, as it already had brand recognition for 21 years and established markets across Australia.

In summary, what does your business offer and how is it different from others?

The advantage that Barrierboard has over traditional forms of noise blocking is that it’s the first product to specifically create wall separation while losing a fraction of the floor space. Traditionally, systems use the floor space to achieve similar results to Barrierboard but Barrierboard is a much lower cost. It can be used on any wall or ceiling where noise transfer disturbance is an issue.

Can you explain to us how Barrierboard actually works and what sorts of rooms/ buildings it is beneficial for?

Barrierboard is made up of Fire Rated plasterboard, with an acoustic blanket bonded to the panels. Our installation process also assists with reverberation. Combining our product and installation method, we can reduce noise by 80% or 14dB. Barrierboard is suitable for home, offices, classrooms, warehouses, consulting suites, boardrooms, home theatres, anywhere privacy and noise can be an issue.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I started my commercial carpentry business in 2009. When I was given the opportunity to purchase Barrierboard in 2020, I did not hesitate as I had visions to expand the business. We have now added two more products which we manufacture in our Research factory, to tackle areas where tight corners or multi-level access is required.

How did you come up with the name, branding etc?

We decided to brand the business name with the product name. Our signage and branding were printed by another local business M & M Printworks, where Kev and team offered valuable advice and was very personable
and reasonably priced.

Can you share your biggest challenges and your most rewarding moments with us?

Our biggest challenge would definitely be purchasing this business just as Covid hit Australia in March 2020. Challenges we faced during Covid was the fear of the unknown to begin with and then other challenges were with construction who had its own limitations, therefore sales were unpredictable. Freight was also inconsistent with cancellations or no-shows and we’ve been unable to give workers consistent hours.

The most rewarding thing about our business is the many people you meet ranging from Musicians, Doctors and Scientists who introduce you in a small way to other interests and ways of life that you may not otherwise see. It really is a privilege to meet and help so many interesting people.

How can our local community best support you and your business?

Local community can support us by following and sharing our Instagram or Facebook pages, word of mouth and continuing to promote local and Australian made products.

Can you tell our readers one thing about your business that we don’t already know and might find interesting?

We have sold and installed Barrierboard into many interesting people’s homes. One of our most recent and rewarding was to a Viola craftsperson. After installation she rewarded us with a private performance of her playing her favourite viola.

Thank you Alex and Anita, we loved getting to know you and your business!

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Thank you for reading, we hope you loved learning more about this clever local business. Feel free to leave a comment for Alex and Anita below.

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