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You know what they say “When life gives you lemons, make lemon tart”. Well that is the case for Jade from My Pantry Door

We are so excited to share the wholesome story of Jade and her business, My Pantry Door. My Pantry Door was founded by Jade and her love of creating beautiful food. Let’s dive in and learn all about Jade and her new business.

Behind the business…

Graduating with an Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management at William Angliss, Jade travelled and worked at the exclusive Blue Book property, Longueville House in County Cork, Ireland. Returning in 2000, she pursued a career in travel and sales, baking for family and friends in her spare time which gave her immense joy. Jade has always been a lover of food and creating culinary masterpieces, but it was always just a hobby. When COVID hit in 2020 and the hospitality and travel industries took a huge hit. She wasn’t able to continue with her 21-year travel career as she previously had, it left Jade wondering what was next.

With the support and guidance from her husband Shane, family and friends, Jade decided to make something of her love of food. This is when My Pantry Door was born.

How it began….

2020 was a hard year for many people. With whole industries shutting down and people out of jobs, it was worrying to know when, and if you would be able to return to work. Rather than sitting by and waiting it out, Jade decided to move forward. Her friends and family knew that she not only loved cooking and baking, but was really good at it! They helped her to make the decision to turn her hobby into something more. After seeing her sister succeed in turning her love of art into a business, Jade decided ‘why not’ and dived into creating My Pantry Door.

Everyone jumped in and helped support Jade in building the business. Friends and family helping with the naming of the business, the branding and marketing ideas. Friends being there as a sounding board to bounce ideas off and with honest feedback, helping Jade mould a business she could be proud of. They all helped out as much as they could, to support Jade in succeeding.

From her very own registered kitchen, Jade enjoys creating special occasion cakes that continue to evolve with new skills she learns regularly.

Grazing boxes, both with baked items as well as cheeses and antipasto have proven to be very popular during lockdown, as well as her delicious cupcakes allowing families to mark a special occasion, or to give as gifts when they can’t be there in person.

The business today…

Although it has been less than two years Jade that has been in business with My Pantry Door, she is already seeing herself and her business evolving and tailoring to the market around them. Jade loves trying out new recipes, using different ingredients and creating bespoke dishes that leave her customers wanting more. Of course, there are fan favourites that have never left the menu, including the popular chocolate, raspberry brownies and her homemade sausage rolls, but there are also lots of new and exciting things being added to the menu.

The harder side of business…

Business is not all brownies and grazing platters. There are hard times that we face as business owners and Jade has already seen some of these times. A big challenge for many business owners, Jade included, is the struggle with doubt. Doubting her talents and efforts at times has worried Jade, however when she sees the happy and satisfied looks on her customers faces – she knows she is doing it right!

But with every struggle, there are always many more benefits and Jade is so happy that she was able to step out of her comfort zone and start her business. The only regret? Not starting it earlier.

Supporting My Pantry Door

As a small business, Jade is ever so grateful for the love, recommendations and reviews that she receives from her customers and local community. Remember, small businesses are made up of families just like you and I. By supporting them you are helping them to support their families too.

Leaving a review. Recommending My Pantry Door for an event. Or booking in your own event or catering with My Pantry Door are all ways of supporting Jade and her business.

And lastly, to make Jade sound even more impressive, she is a one-man (woman) band. From the baking to the packaging to the social media posting. It is all Jade. Bringing you wholesome, yummy dishes and desserts big in FLAVOUR!

Thank you Jade, we loved learning about you and your business!

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Thank you for reading, we hope you loved learning more about this beautiful local business. Feel free to leave a comment for Jade below.

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