How can you give back to your community?

There are so many ways you can give back..

by NillumbikConnections
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It has been a challenging time for so many people, some have sadly lost their jobs, elderly people have felt lonely and isolated, businesses are feeling the pinch, families are lacking support, and most humans are missing the social interactions of others. One of the few wins has been that our pets are happy to see us at home!


However, there are definitely some positives to come out of this crazy time, one is how easy it is ‘to give back’ to those in need. This doesn’t have to be monetary, it can be social, it can be environmental or it could be through various ways of support. It is up to us as a community to support each other and to ensure that others are not feeling lonely or isolated. There are many things we can do, see our suggested list below:

  1. Make a food contribution each time you shop at the supermarket. Most supermarkets now have a massive basket, you could grab an extra box of cereal, or other, each week and pop it in there.
  2. Donate – The money you are not spending on travelling into work every day (because you’re working from home), you could donate to a local charity.
  3. Connect with people – be ‘that’ person who says ‘HELLO’ and ‘GOOD MORNING’ in a happy proud voice when you’re out walking, you never know who needs to hear your cheery voice.
  4. Stop and have a chat with your neighbours out in the street, you may be the only person that they see for that entire week, especially if they are elderly.
  5. Order your dinner once a week from a local business. It may be a quick takeaway option or try a new restaurant that have done a ‘pivot’ during COVID and starting offering takeaway meals.
  6. Support local businesses by buying from them whenever you can, sharing their business with your friends, liking and commenting on their Social Media or leaving them a glowing review online.
  7. Tidy up – Go for a walk either in your neighbourhood or through some parkland and take a rubbish bag and some gloves with you, collect what you can to help keep our shire beautiful.
  8. Gardening – Offer to help mow and tidy up your elderly neighbours’ garden, they will love you for it and if you’re lucky, they may even offer you a cuppa and a home baked cookie!
  9. Cooking – Cook a meal for someone in need, perhaps someone who has been unwell, going through a rough time or ‘just because’. Bake some cookies for the busy mum who lives up the road to give to her ravenous kids so she can relax for 5 minutes.
  10. A Posy – Pick and make a posy of foliage and perhaps some flowers for someone in your life, there is nothing better than just a little note of gratitude with a posy (if you can, a card will be just fine too!) just to show your gratitude for their friendship.
  11. Offer to help – your friends or neighbours may need some support in chores around the house or picking up some supplies from the shops. Just ask and they will let you know.  
  12. Bring the bins in – send the kids to bring the bins in for your neighbours, it’s a great way to involve the kids in helping others.
  13. Offer to walk the dogs – another great way to get out and about to support others, especially those in need or back at work, their pets may be needing some love, so taking them for a nice walk is a really helpful thing to do. 


If you have any ideas on how to give back to your community, contact us here and we can include it in our list. 

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