Car Travel with Children WITHOUT Ipads

by NillumbikConnections
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If you are planning a car trip with your family on the weekend or over the holidays, the thought of a few hours in the car with your kids wanting to know ‘how long to go mum?’ or ‘are we there yet dad?’ might terrify you! We have some suggestions and tips on how to make your trip more enjoyable for EVERYONE! It’s easy to throw a movie on, but that only lasts 1.5 hours, if you have a long trip, that is not going to cut it – so here are some of our ideas and things we did (and currently do) when travelling around Australia without watching one singe movie in the car.

  1. Play DJ – take it in turns choosing a song to play through the car blue-tooth from your phone. If you’re out of mobile reception, you will need to ensure you have downloaded some great playlists and songs.
  2. Car games make the time go quick, everyone loves a bit of Eye Spy using letters if the kids are old enough, or colours for littlies.
  3. Trivia quizzes are so much fun, you can use your imagination to ask an age appropriate question to each child or if you’re feeling stuck – look them up, there are so many websites to choose from, e.g
  4. Alphabet games are fun too, choose a topic such as animals, countries, boys/girls names, vegetables or food and take it in turns going through each letter of the alphabet choosing a word from that topic – eg, topic – Countries, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, England…
  5. Listen to an audiobook together or for older children, through their own earphones. Download Borrowbox, a free library of books and audiobooks, just enter your local library membership number. Or Audible is a brilliant App too.
  6. Take a whiteboard in the car and use it to play Snowman, Fill the Gap sentences or even some maths questions.
  7. Play the Yes/No Game, everybody talks as per normal conversation, but nobody is allowed to yes or no, if they do, they are out. There is also no nodding of heads or mmm or naha. It’s lots of fun to get the other people out!
  8. Take lots of snacks and entertainment food to keep their bellies full, there is nothing worse than a kid who is tired and hungry from travelling. There are so many great playgrounds and parklands around that you don’t have to try too hard to find stops along the way to stretch the legs too.
  9. Play ‘I went to the shops and bought a….’ remember that one when you were a kid? First person says, ‘I went to the shops and bought some apples’, the next person says what the first person did as well as adding something of their own into the shopping bag. We usually end up with food, ponies, puppies, lawnmowers, the works.
  10. Travel games are so clever now with magnetised parts and click-in pieces, so you don’t loose any. Even puzzles are great for a car trip now.
  11. Car Cricket is where one person in the car ‘bats’ at one time and each car that passes in the opposite direction counts as 1 run for a car, 4 runs for a car and trailer and 6 runs for a truck. When a red car passes, you’re out and it’s the next persons turn to bat! See how many runs you can make!
  12. Play ‘What do you like best?’ It’s where you ask random questions like, ‘do you like dogs or cats best?’ or ‘do you like pies or sausage rolls best?’ or ‘do you like mowing the lawn or weeding best?’ Kids get really involved in asking the adults these fun questions too.
  13. Catch up on sleep!

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